Cooking with Soph: Vegan Unagi Don by Chez Jorge

Are you sure it’s not eel? I know because I made it myself!
But for real, I’ve been eyeing @chez.jorge’s Vegan Unagi Don recipe for over a year and I finally made it happen! Believe it or not, this is eggplant: roasted, fried to perfection, glazed, served over rice and made to look just like the Japanese dish everyone loves. 

The flavours in this dish were absolutely on point, making it totally worth testing out. Both impressive and plant-based! 👍 Unagi Don is one of my favourite meals and this recipe makes it so easy to make it at home. Eggplant or eel, one just as delicious as the other!

Quick tips: 👇
George recommended either roasting your eggplant in the oven for 40 minutes or microwaving it for about 5 minutes, so I figured I’d microwave to save myself time. That method didn’t work out too well for me! The microwave didn’t quite cook the eggplant evenly so half of it was too delicate, making it hard to work with while the other half was too firm, making it difficult to remove the skin. Maybe will look at that oven next time or even, try with the eggplant’s skin on. Whatever works best and good luck!

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