A Korean Tavern in Gastown: Zoomak

Zoomak is a hidden gem located in Vancouver’s Gastown that showcases authentic Korean cuisine, with a diverse variety of dishes and drinks in a setting that’s casual and upbeat, the perfect place to unwind after work. They’re serving classic Korean side dishes, rice bowls, shared menus and anju, food for a drink!

Must orders


Traditionally, bossam is a boiled Korean pork belly dish paired with radish kimchi, wrapped in crunchy cabbage leaves. Zoomak’s version is a little different, highlighting crunchy pork skin and cabbage kimchi on a tofu block.

The pork belly just absolutely melts in your mouth, and with that bubbly skin and a leaf of housemade kimchi, you have the perfect bite. My only wish is that the tofu could be thinner because I found that its thickness and firmness took away from the flavour in the pork.

Korean Fried Chicken

Everyone knows Korea is royalty when it comes to fried chicken. The classic combo is chi-maek; chicken translates the same in Korean and maek-ju is Korean for “beer.” Zoomak has a wide variety of maek that pair perfectly for your chi.

Their KFC comes boneless with two choices of sauce: Sweet Soy Sauce and Spicy Gochujang Sauce. Their Sweet Soy Sauce is paired with cilantro and sesame seeds and let me say, this is one of my favourites of the night! Crispy, crunchy, juicy, sweet and salty. Plus, it comes with fried rice cake. What could be better?


When I say you can’t miss this one, you cannot! I truly enjoyed all of our dishes but this has hands down got to be my favourite dish of the night! It’s spicy and sweet with a nutty sesame flavour. As a tartare lover, I absolutely loved its smooth texture with the crispy yam.

⭐️ Pro tip: it comes with crostini but I definitely recommend getting a plate of perilla leaves to wrap the meat instead. It brings more of those earthy aspects on top of all the dish’s sweet flavours.

Chicken Gizzard

The chicken with the preserved lemon and white soy sauce gives this dish very memorable flavours I can’t stop thinking about.

⭐️ Pro tip: take that crostini from the Tartare dish and eat it with this one to soak up that extra sauce!

Spicy Seafood Stew

Do not miss out on this one! A warming broth with a real kick, massive mussels and perfect pieces of flakey fish. There’s something about this one that feels comforting and homey but with a slightly western twist. This for the best for “rain-couver” weather!

Blueberry Yuzuade & Czechvar Beer

My first visit to Zoomak was a super memorable experience that I can’t wait to go back for! I enjoyed this so much, I could write a review for each dish.

Next time, I’ve got to try their “Han Sang” Lunch Special… so who’s in?

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