Cooking with Soph: The Secret to The Ultimate Garlic Bread

Are you a garlic lover like me?
Since I posted this on my Instagram story, everyone’s been asking for the recipe! 👀 Honestly, there is no special recipe I follow but the secret is: you have to roast your garlic! It caramelizes the garlic which brings out a slightly sweet flavour and removes the pungent taste of raw garlic. If I learned anything from all the social media food trends, it’s this!

My pro tips:
• The garlic will take at least 40 minutes to roast so I recommend preparing a couple of garlic heads together, at the same time
• I love garlic but even for me, you don’t need to go beyond one head for 3-4 servings! I like to store my extra cloves in a jar filled with olive oil 👌🏼
• I like toasting the bread on a rack rather than a baking tray for extra crispy garlic bread!

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