The Hottest Fried Chicken Shop in Town: Le Coq Frit

Disclosure: media

Le Coq Frit is a newly opened fried chicken shop with a Korean twist! Wait, it gets better…

Chicken Burger Combo

If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for a chicken sandwich and let me tell you, they are doing it right! It’s got a sweet and spicy, crispy and juicy. 😙 That piece of chicken was massive and it delivered a serious crunch. Don’t forget about these onion rings! Crispy but not too oily and the best side to the burger 👏

Chicken & Croffles

Le Coq Frit has taken the classic chicken and waffles to the next level: how about chicken and croffles? Croffles are made croissant dough pressed into a waffle maker. AND THERE’S MORE. Their sweet, soy Black Chicken is Korean-inspired and pairs so well with that soft, buttery, crispy croissant! The garlic chips make it even better!

Chicken Salad

The best way to make your fried chicken a little less guilty 🤫 Here, they take their original chicken and add it to a salad bowl with a generous amount of house-made Yuzu dressing. 🍋 I was super impressed by how crispy this chicken was, even when mixed into the salad. The dressing was a hit, sweet and a little sour to contrast that crunchy chicken! 👌🏼

Have I got you hooked yet? Check out my newly opened giveaway on Instagram! (Open from Nov. 26 – Dec. 2)

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