Just Look at That Glisten: Where to Find the Best Peking Duck in Vancouver

Happy Wednesday!

Look at that crispy skin glisten 🤤 Peking Duck has always always always been my favourite meal growing up for birthdays, holidays and everything in between. The crispy skin, succulent meat just can’t be beat!

Koon Bo grew up as one of my childhood favourites and continues to be a place that holds my favourite memories. There is always a homey feeling associated with eating Peking duck on birthdays, Lunar New Year, Christmas and more. Their portion sizes are generous and they have all the essential dishes to make your special occasion as memorable as possible!

It’s been a while since got the chance to visit Koon Bo again, aka my family’s favourite Peking duck place in Vancouver! As we near the holidays, we’ll be coming back more and more often! Who wants to come with? 🙋🏻‍♀️

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