The Japanese Spot for Quality & Value: Raisu

Pictured above: Uni Wagyu Aburi Nigiri

Read to the end for a MUST-ORDER I discovered recently!
@raisu2340 is a well-known spot to all Vancouver foodies because of its quality of ingredients and value. They’re a go-to spot for almost every occasion as the environment is upbeat and their dishes are always impressive! If you’re celebrating a special occasion, this is the place for you. Here, we ordered a couple of their classics👇

Omakase Aburi Sushi

Where are my aburi lovers? Here I am! I am always down for aburi sushi, or flame-seared sushi because I love that slight char flavour. The variety on this plate is was perfect 👌🏼

Grilled Miso Pork Cheek

This one is my MUST-ORDER at Raisu! Grilled pork cheek would definitely not have been my first thought when I saw it on the menu but I love this dish! The pork is so soft and it’s a little char with a hit of miso 😌

Deluxe Seafood Bowl

When I think of Raisu, this is the type of dish I really look forward to! Beautifully presented, high-quality seafood 👏

Uni Temaki
Lobster Udon
Corn and Brussel Sprouts Karaage
Fois Gras Aburi Nigiri
Calpico Raisu Punch

Always a great experience with Raisu and can’t wait to discover more of their underrated dishes in the future! (*some of the items mentioned belong to the Omakase Uni Set for 2, one of Raisu’s many fantastic set menus)

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